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#MondayMind 9.27.21

Last week was A WEEK! For whatever reason, everything felt exactly like the weather we have been having- moments away from a BIG shift. Yes, fall officially started last Wednesday, but the temperature was still good that day. Then, Thursday began the decent, and as i write this on Sunday it's 65 degrees outside and I feel like I might see frost come Tuesday. :-/

That being said, welcome back for the first time to #MondayMind- my weekly window of transparency in order to support your desire to attract greatness from Universe based on what you are most reflect in your daily life.

Last week, I wrote to you about PLAY and how, "by the time we get done working, we often don’t have enough energy to play, and that’s just not OK". This week, I want to help you draw a blueprint to make sure you play for the month ahead, so here it goes...

As follow through is easier when every morning starts with intentions; put your play where your intention is this week. Your sense of security may have kept you from play last week., and that is also OK. While the fear it cultivated requires uncomfortable surrender, don’t let it consume you. You’ve got to BE confident in order to surrender anyway (S/O The Talented Mr. Webb✊🏾).

Things to focus on this week:

  1. Be confident, even in your “I don’t know”. Embracing that resiliency this week will improve your sense of self-security

  2. Try and put together a 30-day Plan for your playtime. See how far you can get on your own, if you get stuck, LET'S TALK ABOUT IT

  3. Commitment in some shape and form is driving this week, trust that your roadmap travels alongside people who are TRULY there for you. Meaningful connection is its own love language.

  4. Be a great friend, and embrace the shifts happening. The Fall equinox is here and it is a season where discipline in our friendship lives requires consistent grace in order for closeness to thrive.

Sidenote: It’s officially my FAVORITE time of year (Fall)! More importantly Libra SZN- I cannot believe my little Libra human is about to be 6. Are you a Fall person too?

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