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About Cortni Grange

Cortni (He/Him/His), a 1st generation Jamaican-American, and proud alumnus of Florida A&M University’s School of Business & Industry. Professionally, Cortni is a dot-connector, who can identify and build bridges around inclusionary blindspots. He has dedicated his career to maximizing the business impact associated with equity, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I) 

Cortni’s eclectic background in technology, enterprise sales, nonprofit leadership, educational innovation, mental health, and entrepreneurship is what shapes his lens as a subject matter expert in cultural strategy & design. Having seen the business world through many vantage points, Cortni sees culture as a bridge that connects authenticity to business growth- embracing “different” enhances the customer experience (internally & externally), and ultimately makes the organization more valuable.

Outside of career Cortni is an advocate for all things wellness, a lover of exploring new adventures, and an avid melophile (music is his love language). You can find Cortni involved in everything from teaching mindful meditation, to organizing camping trips for inner-city youth via Camping To Connect ( Cortni is the father of a precocious 6 (going on 60) year-old named Jameson, the eldest of 29 cousins, and an undefeated jerk chicken competition champion.


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