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"Unpacking" Our Luggage

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

An event recap by Shani Askia

How do you summarize an event like The Zen Cave’s, “I Can’t Leave My Baggage” Brunch? Well that’s easy you simply say, Un-Be-Liev-Able!!

The day started with a delicious brunch that provided a great opportunity for the attendees to mix and mingle prior to the start of the actual group discussion. This brunch was the first of its kind for The Zen Cave but it will definitely be revisited format for future events. The menu consisted of Curry Fried Chicken, Cajun Herbed Potatoes, Eggs, Fruit, Bacon and lots of Mimosas. The combination of this delectable menu and the mingling, perfectly set the stage to the amazing experience that would soon follow.

As we prepared to transition into the discussion area, The Zen Cave Creator Cortni Grange cleared the energy through ritual prayers and chants as well as smudging the corners of the discussion area. The workshop began with a brief introduction from the guest facilitator Shani Askia of The Single Mindset. She opened up describing how the “I Can’t Leave My Baggage” concept was developed and invited the other attendees to approach this discussion with open hearts, minds and spirits. Then we began to unpack.

The unpacking process lead us down a beautiful road to identify new tools that we can use to better navigate the world. During our discussion we shared how the tools used by our parents and grandparents during their time, may not be the best tools for us today. Collaboratively, we confirmed our appreciation for the advice and sacrifices our elders made for us however, we all agreed that the tools that were sometimes passed down to us were the best that they had. Now, it is our job to reassess the functionality of those tools in our lives and in the lives of the next generation.

The list of new tools that the group developed were created from the most vulnerable parts of our conversation but they will be used into eternity. Check out the summarized list below:

New Tools

  • Fear is a friend to a sovereign human being

  • The focus as parents is to remember we are raising adults

  • Identify who is a mirror in your life and value them

  • Define who you are in every situation. You can’t be a leader if you are not certain on who you are.

  • Keep what serves your higher self

  • Attune your frequency to truth

  • Be careful of people who 1999 you

  • Stop seeking validation

  • Never be afraid to renegotiate your promises

  • Identification of self requires separation from structure

The connections that were created and the stories shared at this event were absolutely magical. Zen Cave Creator Cortni Grange offered the group an opportunity to continue the unpacking process with his 30 Day Conjuring program that would include guided meditation, spiritual guidance and much more. This event is just another step forward to creating the sovereign human we each desire to become.

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