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35 Tings Ive learned on my 35th Birthday...

Updated: May 24, 2020

If you know me you know self-mastery is where I nerd out. I take myself seriously because the rest of humanity...lets just say people gone people (s/o JD Spoon). Since this 35th Sun cycled saw me in quarantine and social distancing I figured I'd take some time to think deeply about what I have learned thus far in my life. here is what I came up with...

1. Changed is truly constant, so get comfortable being uncomfortable. 2. Health is wealth! Slice it however your discipline likes, but what you do to your body, makes a big difference. 3. The less stuff you hold onto, the easier it is to find happiness. 4. Being a Dad is incredible, but exhausting. 5. Learn how to take care of yourself. Practice self-care. Sometimes the only way that you are going to be taken care of is by doing it yourself. Read, write, do those hobbies that you love. 6. Find a career that you love. You will be doing it for another 30-some years. Feel good about what you are doing. You will be a happier person. 7. Your belief is YOUR choice, so choose wisely. 8. Debt is only a burden when you lack discipline. Make less excuses for having bad financial habits,. 9. Be the mentor you needed in your 20s to someone in their 20s. There are a lot of people lost that need someone to come along and help them develop into the person they want to be. 10. Get life insurance EARLY! 11. Friendships change. Friends come and go as marriage, divorce, job changes, moves, and children happen. 12. Blood doesn’t make or define a family, unconditional love does. 13. Your definition of love changes as you get older. Also, so does your necessity in seeking it. 14. Speak dafuq up! Say what you gotta say NOW. 15. Death and pain (in all forms) are things we all have in common. Embraced them instead of avoiding them. 16. Shame has no value in the process of healing. 17. Learn how you like to learn. Hint: school will NOT teach you this... 18. Manhood requires a unique definition unique to each man. 19. Let go and have some fun. 20. Self-discipline is sexy. 21. Be yourself but first, figure out what that means to you. 22. Create principles and boundaries for yourself before everyone else does. 23. You can invest everything you have into a relationship and still have your heartbroken. 24. Vampires are REAL... 25. Gratitude is essential. 26. Be as peculiar as you can be as early as you can be. 27. Develop your sensory pallets. 28. Pay yourself first each pay period and set up an emergency fund. 29. If you do not like to read, learn to have conversations with people who do. 30. Brilliance does not always mean being the smartest person in the room. 31. This world is a layover, treat it as such: pay attention, take care of what's necessary, and above all else, don't miss your flight. 32. There is no "mark of the beast". Well, there is, you hold it in your hand majority of your day #CellPhones. 33. We really are what we repeatedly do. 34. You are only as old as your ability to process new information. 35. Hip Hop will never be greater than it was in the 90s. Yeah, I said it!

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