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Embracing Magnitude, Limiting Littleness

In pursuing personal and professional growth, a critical juncture arises where the ego mind and fear-based thoughts cause us to resist change. This resistance takes different forms such as distractions, justifications, and self-doubt.  According to  A Course in Miracles, the choice between littleness and magnitude is constant, and each decision reflects our evaluation of ourselves. The pressure to succeed can be overwhelming, especially for those who may feel a sense of inadequacy in the face of societal expectations. However, embracing one's magnitude, guided by inner wisdom, leads to true fulfillment. Our greatest version of self is already within us, and striving for external validation or materialistic success only perpetuates a cycle of dissatisfaction.

As you navigate your week, your life, and your own journey of lessening how you listen to littleness, I gift you these three anecdotes for embracing magnitude:

Anecdote 1: Perfection’s False Promise

We often seek more because survival has taught us how scarce things are. Despite the daily successes we might have, we succumb to the false promise that “just a little more” will solve our problems. The reality is that “more” just creates “more” [or new] problems. And as we all know, “to whom much is given, much is required” (Luke 12:48). While we should not be complacent, we should also understand the fine line between gluttony and grit.

Anecdote 2: From Striving to Self-Acceptance

External markers of success bring short-lived satisfaction. Read that again. By judging ourselves through the standards of others, we invite an environment of frantic striving that feeds on our self-acceptance. Often unable to recognize this until far too late in life, true fulfillment requires self-acceptance to be present. Authenticity is right up there with integrity. Therefore, anything that feeds on our sense of self-acceptance is aligned to our littleness. No matter how fulfilling it may feel. 

Anecdote 3: Overcoming the Illusion of Delay

Embracing magnitude doesn't necessarily require an extended period unless you choose to believe it does. The comfort found in delay often originates from a hesitancy to shoulder responsibility for the choices we make. Instant magnitude becomes accessible when we wholeheartedly believe in our capabilities and embrace our uniqueness rather than attempting to alter it. Overcoming the illusion of delay liberates us from procrastination and self-doubt. Your unique qualities are the keys to your success and embracing them is magnitude.

If you are interested in Incorporating these anecdotes into a daily, weekly, or monthly self reality-check, let's connect. I’d love to help you embrace more of your magnitude.

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