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Episode II: Choosing a Partner

What's available, what's missing, what you want...

I’ve never felt fully whole with one woman before. That is something I used to feel challenged to change about myself. I used to think that I could will and discipline the desire and connection to someone other than my partner away. I’m thankful that I have grown out of that way of thinking. Another person cannot make you whole!! The voids I’ve filled with women are my ego's voids and not the voids of my true self or my destined self. This isn’t some great epiphany that changed my life. It’s literally where I am at this moment. More so, it is what I am accepting self-accountable dominion over. Wants, are nothing more than ideas that we feed. As such, I feed my wants with the right things. I want a wife, I want a family. However, I want these things based on defined principles and boundaries of self. Therefore, I must feed myself towards being whole enough to receive the blessing of both. I am experiencing ultimate happiness and peace in my world at this moment. I am only accepting value for value in reciprocity.

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