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#MondayMind 10.3.2021

I took this weekend to disconnect in order to reconnect. I got off grid, connected with nature, and I invited radical love to join me. This week was not as intense as last week, but the "all things must change" energy of this Fall is still heavy in the air. I hope you are surrendering more to what's speaking to you. I also hope that you took some time out to PLAY last week!

This week I am preparing to finalize some tough decisions about career. I have been patient, and have allowed myself to FEEL all the fear that often comes connected to anything correlating to money with me (still tryna decolonize that part of my mind). If you are in a similar place of big contemplations this week make sure you really honor your down time. Those moments of recharge will go a long way towards being your MOST self when it is necessary.

As we move through our decisions this week, here are some things to consider:

Things to think about this week:

  1. Do I truly enjoy how I have built my life? If not, why am I not doing anything about it?

  2. Do I fear loss of stability more than loss of excitement?

  3. Mind your cycles of change, they are to be respected.

  4. Remain resilient, I know it's scary, but you will always be fine if you remain resilient.

  5. Passion can be practical, it is a good time to lean IN when your aspirations are emotionally mature.

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