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The Importance Of Play

The significants of PLAY has been all around me lately. I’ve been researching it down countless rabbit holes and one thing remains consistent, I am NOT playing enough.

As children play allows us to learn how to be creative and helps nurture critical thinking, personality development, and adaptive pathways. Our greatest grasps of new data spikes when we play as children. And then, we grow up and trade in play for more serious pursuits such as our careers, our relationships, and our families—all of which are valid pursuits. As adulting sets in, we firmly differentiate play and work, and society pats us on the back when we do it. In fact, if we enjoy our work too much, we might be accused of not doing anything “serious”.

“I have some work to do” gets us excused. But, “I have some play to do” would not quite go over well.

Before I get too long winded, here’s the point- the objective of “adult life” is to get enough money/resources so we can just be/do/exists, but what about play? By the time we get done working, we often don’t have enough energy to play, and that’s just not OK.

Things to remember this week:

1. Reclaim your Sunday- take time out on this day to PLAY, not just engage in recreation.

2. Challenge yourself to look at all things in life as music- intentionally made with its own flow. See if you can FEEL the rhythms of people, places and things you interact with the way you can feel a great song.

3. Food for Thought: That which is all perfection (God) has no purpose, it is the IS that Is (Isis 😉) and therefore can be supremely playful! So, how are you being God’like this week?

✌🏾 & 🤟🏾

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