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The Makings Of Me, And Maybe, You Too?

Updated: May 24, 2020

Getting to our goals is simple math; created goal + action plan + diligence to the plan = goal achieved. The challenge is most of us start with a goal and proceed to run towards it forgetting all about setting up the starting blocks. Any person who has ever run track will tell you, running your best race is the goal, but the most important thing a runner does towards that goal is ensuring their starting blocks are exactly where they need them to be. So the next time you set a goal, ask yourself, “where do I place my starting blocks?” If you are able to find the answer you can turn baby steps into giant leaps forward. You can trade behind schedule anxiety for ahead of schedule peace. You can even forecast life stressors/hurdles if you know you are running behind on a divine deadline (more on that later).

Let’s use an example, say you are a 33 years old, make $120,000 a year, not currently married and have entrepreneurial aspirations. You want to eventually be married and have children. You like your profession, but feel this constant itch and desire to build something outside of your 9 to 5. You essentially have 4 goals: build a family, build your career, figure out what you are passionately/purposely built for, and create something out of that passionate purpose. You have been working on any combination of these goals since you were 28 and you feel like you are making progress, but you would consider your progress to be baby steps rather than giant leaps forward. You tell yourself these baby steps are acceptable because everything worth having takes time. You feel happy, and that you are managing each goal to the best of your ability. But what if there was a way to increase your ability? What if, increasing that ability changed the time it took to achieve each goal? What if, increasing your ability lead to you increasing your goals because what you thought was impossible is now something you do on a daily basis? What would it mean to your life if you could turn difficult, into a day, and impossible into a week?

For me, it meant finally being who I am, not who I thought I should be. It meant creating the right boundaries, order, and structure relevant to every part of my universe. Most of all, it meant being 100% accountable for my reality at all times. I am about 10-years in to this relentless pursuit of self and it is not without its ups and downs. However, about a year ago I began realizing that I am checking off goals left and right in the process. Through self-accountability, spiritual grounding, habitually iterating, meticulous attention to detail, and the super power to accept my own blindspots, I am achieving my goals and becoming more of, ME.

For you, it could mean many things and I challenge you to create and conjure your own methods and mechanisms towards self-mastery. In the meantime, here is one "starting block" for you to test out. I'd love to hear what it leads to for you so text me, tag me, call me. I got time, and I know you do too ;-)

1. Write down what you believe to be true about yourself. Be BRUTALLY honest.

2. Take the truths you've written down and pick one you'd like to change (just ONE) and one you'd like to enhance.

3. Start conversations (and take notes) with people you feel embody a positive image of the 2 truths you've chosen.

- Pay close attention to how they speak, live, and process information.

4. Asks these people 3 questions:

- Where do they think your ability to positively embody (insert truth from #2) comes from?

- What helps you during your hardest times?

- What has been your most significant pain in life, and have you healed from it? If yes, how'd you heal?

5. Repeat this process as many times as you'd like for as many truths as you have written down.

- Once you get to a handful, take a look back at your notes and you will have a beautiful real world road map. Test out some of the things you've gathered in your own world (self, relationships, decision making).


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